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During spring 2023 Sukellusseura H2O ry is arranging the CMAS One Star Diver course under Sukeltajaliitto ry (Finnish Divers’ Federation) in English.

The goal of the CMAS One Star Diver -course is to teach basic scuba skills to new diver candidates.  After successfully completing the course the participants will be able to independently dive to the depth of 20m while breathing compressed air and observing the no-decompression limits.

The course is managed by Marcin Dobrucki (CMAS M3)


The course starts on February 1st, 2023 at 18:00.  A link to a teleconference will be sent to the participants beforehand.  Pool exercises will be held every other Wednesday between 19:00 and 22:30 at the Helsingin Urheilutalo swimming pool (Helsinginkatu 25, Helsinki).  Open water training will be arranged during one or multiple weekends around the second half of May – depending on the weather.  The open water training will either be from shore, or from the club’s boat Deko.

About the course

During the CMAS One Star Diver -course the candidate will receive training and skills to undertake scuba diving activities within the limits of the certification level.  The emphasis during the course is on skill performance and safety.

The course consists of a theory module taught through the Dyykki e-learning system, six confined water exercise sessions and four open water dives.  In-water exercises are carried in a swimming pool until skill mastery is achieved, and then in open water.

The CMAS Dry Suit course can be combined with the CMAS One Star Diver course to allow participants to undertake the dives using drysuits.  This is the preferred way due to prevailing water conditions in Finland.

Successful candidates will receive a CMAS One Star Diver certification card issued by the Finnish Divers’s Federation.  The card is internationally recognized as certifying divers to dive to 20m using compressed air and observing the no-decompression limits.

Course fee

Course fee is 450€.  The fee can partially or fully be paid using benefit vouchers (Eazybreak, Edenred, ePassi and Smartum).  The fee includes:

  • e-Learning materials, theory sessions and theory exam
  • confined water sessions as per the course curriculum
  • open water dives as per the course curriculum
  • a dive log
  • upon successful completion, a CMAS One Star Driver certification card
  • scuba equipment needed during the course (non personal equipment)
  • Sukellusseura H2O and Finnish Divers’ Federation membership for 2023 (total value 100€)
  • annual subscription to the “Sukeltaja” -magazine
  • pool card to the club’s pool sessions
  • all club benefits available to members

Additional fees

It is possible to complete the course using a drysuit in which case an additional 60€ fee will be charged.  The fee includes a CMAS Dry Suit Diver certification card.

Additional costs

Candidates should account for the possible additional costs (not included in the course fee):

  • Basic personal scuba equipment (mask, snorkel, fins) – about 100-150€
  • Wetsuit or drysuit rental (50-100€) or purchase (200-2000€)
  • Diving insurance
  • If the open water training is carried on board the club boat Deko, a fee of about 40€ for food and drinks during the training weekend.

Prerequisites for participation

  • Membership of Sukellusseura H2O and the Finnish Divers’ Federation (included in the price of the course)
  • Minimum age 12 (underaged candidates must provide a signed consent form from a legal guardian).
  • Continuous swim test, 200m
  • Download and fill the medical questionnaire If the questionnaire discloses any possible medical issues, the candidate must present certificate from a medical doctor deeming them fit to dive (approximate cost 50-100€)

Certification criteria

A successful candidate will receive a CMAS One Star Diver certification card.  The criteria for successful completion are as follows:

  • Successful completion of the theory including the theory exam
  • Successful completion of confined water exercises
  • Successful completion of the open water dives
  • Fulfillment of all financial obligations related to the course towards the club

The course must be completed within 12 months of commencing it.


Registering for the course is done via the sukeltaja.fi portal:


After registration the participants must pay a non-refundable prepayment fee of 130€ to the Sukellusseura H2O ry club:

FI09 5723 0220 5079 12 (OP). Please use the 31105 reference number when paying.

Last registration date is 25.1.2023, there is a limited number of participants available.  Candidates are considered in order of registration.

If a candidate has participated in a scuba intro organized by Sukellusseura H2O ry in the 12 months prior to registering for the course, the price of the scuba intro (50€) will be deducted from the price of the course.


Sukellusseura H2O reserves the right to charge additional fees of 35€/confined water and 45€/open water day training in case a candidate fails to participate in the training session or must take additional sessions in order to successfully complete the course certification criteria.

Additional information

For more information please contact the instructor

Marcin Dobrucki, marcin.dobrucki@sukeltaja.fi, 040-8339327